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May 23, 2021

Day 11 - Troutdale, VA to Rosedale, VA

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After waking up somewhat refreshed, we all had breakfast and pulled out around 8. We had a climb to get on top of the local pass, but there was an amazing and long downhill stretch to Damascus. It was extremely pretty with waterfalls and a vigorous creek (big laurel creek) running parallel. Probably my favorite downhill so far.

Creek running beside the VA creeper trail to Damascus
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Damascus is a town that route 76 and the AT cross, so hikers just show up from the woods to eat, shop, and stay in various hostels. We stopped at the hiker biker store downtown to get riding gloves and radom other bits. After riding the downtown, we decided to have early lunch at a diner, which was ok, they had beyond burgers tho. Mallory was staying at a hostel in town, so we parted ways. Mary and I were headed to the elk garden church in Rosedale. I think Mallory will catch up in the coming days. 

The ride up from Damascus was tough. We knew hayters gap would be hard, but it was the hottest part of the day.

Very pretty in hayters gap. This is before the long climb up.
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We made it up after taking a few stops. The down hill on the other side was another really fun one though. It made the climb worth it. After a few more small hills we made it to the church. A father-son touring duo was already here. They are stuck for a while since they broke several spokes, they are on their own custom made tour from Toledo. We didn't talk much and they kept to themselves. We cooked dinner in the kitchen and sat inside for a while, did some stretching, and prepared for bed. We slept upstairs in an old disused kids bible school room. We slept on the tables since the floor was covered in dead roaches and spiders, but slept pretty well. I might send my sleeping bag back soon since it's getting pretty warm out.

Mileage: 58
Altitude gain: 3600

Today's ride: 58 miles (93 km)
Total: 516 miles (830 km)

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