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May 22, 2021

Day 10 - Draper, VA to Troutdale, VA

Spider might

Today we woke up late but still left by 9 thanks to our warm shower hosts. They made us coffee and sent us along with a tub of oatmeal, which is the key to my heart. Today is Saturday so that means all the amateur lawn mowers are out. America is surely the land of picnic tables and lawnmowers. Also, as we go further west, truck and waist sizes increase. Not sure if they are related but somebody better look into that. We stopped for church lunch today and got covered in spider mites.

Spider mite den 🕷️
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That's ok, although they are a bit creepy. Dollar general would have to do for lunch today but shortly after we found an Amish/dutch store and stopped to check it out. Found bread and prunes but stopped at a "food country" store in rural retreat (food lion don't and vibes) for veggies to cook. We are headed to troutdale tonight to stay at a church hostel and this might be the last place to get foods.

Collectively, our legs feel fat and lethargic, although, it does seem like we have more power; we were going up a hill today at 5 mph where we would usually do 4. I am still nursing my right Achilles and I'm starting to have handlebar palsy in my right hand. I think I'll get some padded riding gloves at the next shop.

Noteworthy things today: a real Karen in a car with license plate of "Karen su". Trump 2024 sign that said "I'll be back". And a lady pouring coke on her windshield with her wipers on? Very ominous signs but no rain yet.

We made it to troutdale baptist church around 5 after a great downhill from the national forest.

Streams along the road
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The area is very pretty and we are still criss-crossing the AT. We  found the shower. While we were cooking another cyclist showed up. Mallory is the first other west bound cyclist we have seen, so it super nice to have someone else to talk to about the experience. We cooked up the veggies we found the food country, chatted for a while with Mallory and went to bed. It was a breezy mountain night.

Mileage: 60

Altitude gain: 4400

Today's ride: 60 miles (97 km)
Total: 458 miles (737 km)

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