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March 21, 2012

Wickham Park to Space Coast Stadium and back: Love spring training baseball games!

Kim writes:

What an adventurous day today! We rode our unloaded bikes to Brevard Community College so we could take the bus to the baseball game on our rest day. The weather was very warm, the game went into extra innings, and the Braves were victorious. Yay!

Sitting two rows behind us was a former Space Program colleague, Sean. After the game he offered us a ride back to our bikes so we could skip the bus. On the way, the three of us stopped for dinner at Panera Bread. Yum!!

No wi-fi seems to be available at the campground so we're making these updates on the phone, which takes a bit longer.

John writes:

Last night I violated rule number two of the great outdoors; consequently, some varmint ate my leftover pasta from Cafe Margaux. Judging by the tracks left on the picnic table, it was a possum or a raccoon.

After Kim fixed some oatmeal, we pedaled a counter-clockwise loop around Wickham Park looking for blue bus stop signs. We ended up at the main bus stop at Brevard Community College where we caught bus number one of the Space Coast Area Transit system. We talked with the usual psychos who ride buses until the bus dropped us off right at Space Coast Stadium.

The first thing that we did at he ballpark was buy hot dogs. Then we played musical chairs five times as Kim kept saying "let's see if we can sit down closer" and five minutes later a nice old fart in a gold shirt would ask, "Sir, can I see your tickets?"

After we watched the Braves beat the Nationals, we bumped into Sean, a former coworker of Kim's, and he gave us a ride to Panera Bread, where the three of us ate supper. There, Kim ate a soup-n-salad special, and then departed our table, saying "I'm going back to get a dessert. Would you guys like anything?" Sean said "no" and I said "I'll just have a bite of yours." Then she ordered the very last cherry Danish in the place, returned to our table, and gobbled it down right in front of us.

Today's ride: 6 miles (10 km)
Total: 91 miles (146 km)

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