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March 22, 2012

Wickham Park to KOA Campground: Packing up and getting back on the road

Kim writes:

We started the return leg of this round trip with tailwinds. Yay! One thing I remembered is that the tailwind speed is reduced by the headwind you create while cycling. Similarly, the headwind speed is even greater than the published number for the same reason. Nevertheless, this was much better and we had a great ride. Lunch was at Ossirio's Bakery in Cocoa Village. Delicious! I love how well bicycle touring and appetite go together.

Tonight we are staying at the KOA campground in Mims. Wishing that tomorrow wasn't going the be the last day for this tour. Just need to plan the next one to be sooner rather than later!

John writes:

This morning Kim and I departed Wickham and turned north on US 1 with glorious tailwinds behind us. Now THIS is bicycle touring!

Half way through Indian River Road, we ate lunch in an awesome cafe in Cocoa called Ossirio's.

We eventually returned to US 1 north - ugh - to end up at a KOA campground west of Mims that is completely overrun with squirrels. That is a first for me . . . the KOA, that is, and not the squirrels. The first thing that Kim and I did was jump into the pool. After showering, we had an Italian place in Mims deliver some food. Life is hell!

Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 134 miles (216 km)

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