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July 10, 2016

Day 6: Making people happy. Its what I do.

Sometimes you just have a sense about people. So when the craggly faced old guy in the pajama bottoms, with a shirt that didnt quite match, holding a self rolled cigerate, came up asking questions about my trip it was clear that he was just an overenthusiastic old guy who walked over from the RV park for a loaf of bread and, perhaps, some bait in the live bait section. I think I made his day by answering all of his questions about my trip.

I was outside a convienence store and just noted that half of the "live bait" was floating belly up, but that is another story.

"Are you married?" He finally asked after the informational questions.

"Yes" I lied. I have learned its often best to lie about that question. Not that I care but then the inevitable question of "why not" comes up. Then I have to decide if I tell the truth that, "its none of your busines old man," or talk about reasons that are none of their business anyway. This is especially true when you get a sense that the one you are talking to is just a goofy guy who thinks he is being charming.

"Where is your husband."

"Back home working."


"Well, I better get moving." I said, before rolling out leaving behind a craggly faced man in pajama bottoms, delighted that a woman of my beauty and charm would think enough of him to engage in a conversation.

Sometimes it doesnt take much to make a person happy.

Other than that it was a workman like kind of day on the bike. A storm was barelling in so I didnt ride very long, nor did I camp. It wasnt that there were no campgrounds, which there weren't anyway, it was going to be a stormy, lighteningy night. No thanks.

I am almost to Minneapolis! Maybe tomorrow

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The river is getting wider
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These are everywhere around here! Steve and Sylvia have one too. They are little libraries for your house that you put out by your mailbox. I am going to look into one when I return home.
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Just keep following the signs
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This was a a scenic overlook. Do you notice any problems?
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Now THIS is a porta potty with some class!
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Today's ride: 42 miles (68 km)
Total: 352 miles (566 km)

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