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July 8, 2016

Day 4: All this for a cold beer

"Do you want orange cheese or white cheese" the lady asked who was making my grilled ham and cheese sandwhich.

"Can I get chedder?"

"We only have American" she said.

I didnt mention that American cheese is not cheese but congealed gue, but I was in a hurry and didnt have time to debate.

"Orange, I guess," i said.

I was in Little Falls and making good time, but had already done 60 plus miles and still had a way to go to St. Cloud where my brother, sister in law Sylvia and dog Zeb live.

Todays ride was almost 90 miles but since steve had to go out of town the next day there was no choice. So I pedaled hard and by and large had a great day.

So, it was in Little Falls where I ordeded a ham and orange cheese sandwich. It was calories after all. Standards can sink to new lows on a bike trip.

The best part of the day was after Little Falls. I was now off the Paul Bunyan trail and on to the Mississippi River Trail. All i had to do was follow the little MRT signs along the way. So that road was low traffic and drifted along With pretty views of the river and farms. It didnt hurt that it was sunny. Who doesnt like the sun?

I was starting to fade with about 20 miles to go.

"There is a cold beer waiting for you," steve said, which is no small incentive since steve brews his own beer and has won awards for his efforts.

At this point I wanted to ride all the way, if for nothing else than pride, but near mile 80 with over 10 left to go, and the hour getting late, I threw in the towel and Asked steve for a ride.

I didnt feel at all bad about that. It would have been stupid to stay somewhere 10 miles from their house when we only had a limited time to see each other. I still felt great about my ride, considering I have not been at all sure how my legs would feel on this trip. And that cold beer, err beers, went down realy smooth.

What a great area for a ride!
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Near the end of the Paul Bunyan trail
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The river is getting bigger
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Love this Little Falls Mural
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A French flag in Little Falls?
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Aaaah that explains it
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People sure put a lot of time into their gardens around here. I am thinking it is because ghe gardening season is short they want to make it count
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Today's ride: 72 miles (116 km)
Total: 310 miles (499 km)

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