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June 7, 2012

Ax Murderers

Let's get one thing straight; Leo is NOT an ax murderer!

Still, you can't blame my friends for worrying about that. When they inquired about the matter all I could think to say was, "It's possible Leo and Steph are sitting in France wondering if I'M an ax murderer?" I don't think that occurs to people?

So, to be sure, I asked. "Leo, are you an ax murderer?" He assured me that he is not.

"You ASKED him that!?" My friend Debbie said, rather horrified, before a moment's pause, and adding, "besides, he's NOT going to ADMIT it!"

Of course he's not, ax murderers don't do that kind of thing, it's not in their nature, I assume. But he must be telling the truth, I'm pretty sure, I think so. Probably...

Anyway, I'm not an expert in ax murderers but I would think there are better ways to drum up victims than by cycling all of your life, joining Crazy Guy On A Bike using your real name (as far as we know?), writing great journals and articles, building trust with friendly and insightful comments on forums, all on the odd chance that some woman from California would, on pure happenstance, write an e-mail asking if she can find 20-inch tubes for her Bide Friday in France in the spring of 2011. Of course, after that comes continuing the conversation for a year, all the while planning a trip to Mt. Ararat, with the goal of getting the aforementioned Californian to join along for a while, so that, in the end, she can be murdered with an ax?

I'll admit it's a logical plan, but highly unlikely. It seems like a lot of effort and more trouble than it's worth?

Still as my friend Marylou pointed out, "it's always the last one you suspect." True. And since I don't suspect Leo at all, maybe I should worry?

So, for all of you on my SPOT; if my GPS coordinates don't move from an undisclosed location near Toulouse, for several weeks, call Interpol and ask them to look for my buried remains under the Leo's patio.

In the mean time, I forgot to mention... I LEAVE on SATURDAY!

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