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June 8, 2012

I've come to the conclusion...

I've come to the conclusion that packing sucks. I got The Trucker packed just fine this time, and most of my stuff has been sitting out for weeks just waiting to become luggage. The only problem is that both suitcases were about 3 pounds overweight, around 53 pounds, and that is with taking out a bunch of stuff and cramming it in my carry on bag.

I tried every which way to handle it, but finally I had no choice; I had to remove the 2 bottles of delicious chocolate brandy sauce. One was for Leo and Steph and one was for the people, friends of Leo, who will be holding on to my bags while I ride. In the whole scheme of life, it's not earth-shattering. But I'm disappointed. My brother, Tom, and I made a special trip to Napa, where they make it, right in the back of the shop where it is sold. It's delicious and I wanted to bring something made locally.

But each bottle weighted about 2.5 pounds. Something had to give. I removed extra tubes, shampoo, sunscreen and other stuff I can buy there, but 5 pounds is a lot when you need to get down to 50 pounds per bag. Oh well. Sorry Leo and Steph, you are just going to have to be happy with me, and no chocolate brandy sauce.

I've come to the conclusion that I have some pretty good friends. My friend Marylou offered to pick my up from the airport when I return home. She would drive me to the airport tomorrow but her daughter is graduating high school. Tracy was going to take me, but when she had a chance to go away for the weekend I called Ricky. "Sure, I'll take you!" She said. I appreciate the help. I know everyone is busy.

Vinny was great in helping me with last minute stuff on my bike. Other friends have sent me bon voyage e-mails and text messages. My neighbors are all going to watch my house, and, as a result, it will probably be more secure when I'm gone, than when I'm here! ;-)

I've come to the conclusion that packing up a bike in a little tiny suitcase is nerve-racking. She's packed okay, so no problems there. It just seems like a really tight squeeze, and it will be bounced all over the world, and stuff will be piled on top of it. I hope she isn't damaged by the time she gets to the other end. All I can do is hope for the best, I guess. Still, I'll feel much better when I open up the box in France and see that she's okay.

I've come to the conclusion of the start. Tomorrow the real journal begins!

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