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May 27, 2012

It won't be long now...

You know how it is? There are definite signs that it's getting closer to go-time...

1. You poke your head in the fridge and all you see is, well, not much. It's slim pick'ins in there. Why should I stock up when I'll be leaving soon? Crap, there's nothing to eat in this house!

Well, to be fair, there IS ice cream in the freezer. Rum raisin Haggen Daz, my favorite. Well, I like Strawberry Haggen Daz too, and chocolate. Mango, too, is tasty...

...but I'm talking about the fridge here!

2. The countdown reaches single digits. WOOO-HOOO!

It won't be long now!
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3. The weather at my destination is final available for the day of my arrival! I'm not happy about the cloud icon, I prefer sun, but at least there are no rain drop icons, yet.

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4. I have my money! Look...

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This year I ordered some money in advance, from my bank. Seemed like a sensible thing to do. Last year I waited until I got to Heathrow, and then paid extra fees for my troubles.

I got a few British Pounds since I'll be spending a few hours in the airport there. I may want to by a miniature statue of Big Ben, or something.

5. I changed my bike computer over from miles to kilometers. Seems like the sensible thing to do, since I'll be riding in a kilometer country.

6. Airplane fears. No, not those kind of airplane fears, about the airplane itself. But don't you, when the time gets close, have a nightmare image of arriving at the airport, only to be told something like, "your reservation was for yesterday...", or some crazy thing? I always think that, when I'm going someplace important. It's never happened. I shouldn't continue to let those kinds of evil thoughts in my head, but there they are, right in my head. What's a touring cyclist do to?

Of course, as soon as I leave for the airport I'll be thinking things like, "do I have everything? What did I forgot?" And in my head I'll imagine opening my suitcase at the other end, only to find that the front half of The Trucker's frame was left out of the suitcase, and is sitting on the floor of my garage, while the back half is with me in France. That would be a problem.

7. Self-doubt. Aaaaaw, I should have been riiiiiiiding more. I'm going to feel it on the hills. Crap!

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