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May 17, 2022

Peru to Morris

Such a nice riding day in every way

What a good day!! Good weather and a good combination of trails and county roads. John and I rode with Stan again. Chuck joined us after lunch. We had rides along the Illinois and Michigan Canal and along the Illinois River. Traffic was light. The trails were fine (not paved but fine) and the county roads were in great shape with shoulders where there was traffic and long straight stretches where we could see the occasional car where there were no shoulders. We arrived at the motel by about 2:30 so I've had time to catch up on my journal. 

I've had the pleasure and good luck to be riding with Stan who is a great birder - both sound and sight. Yesterday, on that sort of nasty section of the trail I actually say two life birds for me: and Orchard Oriole and a Greater White-Fronted Goose! I'm learningto identify the Baltimore Oriole which we hear every day and am working on Flycatchers and vireos. Unfortunately my birding pics are all HEIC rather than JPEG so I can't put them up here. I've reset my camera so it will only take photos as JPEGs. Here's hoping I get more birding pics in the next four weeks.

But... other pics:

A barge canal touring boat getting ready for the day!
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John W. Connett was a canal boat captain well know in these parts (and also the Eerie Canal)
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John posing with John Connett.
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We had lunch in a park which had a Memorial section for people who died serving our country. This small section was actually a stone from the Pentagon that was part of the destruction on 9-11.
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There was a wall created with the names of servicemen and women killed in the battle of the Middle East.
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The Memorial was very well done and we appreciated the effort and care that was taken with it.
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On a less somber note, we got a kick out of this sign!
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Today's ride: 53 miles (85 km)
Total: 631 miles (1,015 km)

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