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The bike

I like the peace of mind of a purpose-built touring bike that is made for reliability.  This gives me peace of mind when I'm in remote areas. 

I’ve had the Koga World Traveller for a couple of years. The main benefits are that it has a 14 speed Rohloff hub with a Gates Belt Drive.

I hope the belt will not need replacing on this trip. I’ve read reviews of the belt lasting 20,000-30,000kms.  I've already done 10,oookms on this belt.

The front hub is a SON 28 dyno. It powers the front and rear lights. It also allows me to charge my phone. It means I am not reliant on staying in towns for power.

I have a 22 tooth rear sprocket (was 19) and a 46 tooth front chainring (was 50).  I changed the sprockets to give me more easy gears.

I’ve got a well-worn Brooks B17 saddle that should keep me comfortable for the entire trip.

Tyres are Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour 28 x 1.75.

Naked bike = 20kgs
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A spare belt and spare tyre are attached to the handle bars.

Spare spokes and a pump are attached to the frame.

Fully loaded bike = 59kgs to 78kgs depending on how much water I carry
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Naked bike = 20kgs. 

Loaded bike (no food/water) = 39kgs. 

Most days I will have 7ltrs of water, + 3kgs of food = 10kgs. 

Loaded bike with food and water = 49kgs.

Vince (before breakfast) = 105kgs.

Bike + food/water + Vince = 164kgs.

I have the capacity to carry a further 19ltrs of water.

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Lorenzo JaryThat's a pretty heavy bike! But a super one. Will you have to ride up many hills on your long tour? My knowledge of Australian geography is umm a bit spotty 😅
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6 months ago
Vince McCarthyHi Lorenzo, yeh it's a heavy bike but strong. Australia is mostly flat except on the east coast and Tasmania.
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6 months ago