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The gear

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These are pictures from last year.  It is mostly all the same. I've changed my shoes and rain jacket.

I find keeping a list of every item very helpful when doing the next tour.

Here is my detailed list:

Handle bar bag:  


Spot device (GPS locator and Epirb)

400g sunscreen 

Hub charger device 

Hard sunglasses case and sun glasses with rag 

Pocket knife 




Papaw ointment  

Waterproof gloves 

Sweat/wash rag 


Inside pouch: 

Joby phone camera remote 

Clearwipe satchets 

Sunglasses rag 

Big Band-Aids  

Outside pouch: 

Lip gloss  


Rear left pannier:  

Toiletries bag: 




Small shaving gel 

Razor blades 

Small deodorant 

Ear plugs in little container 

Nail clippers 

Tweezers for splinters/ticks  

Waterproof pants, jacket. 

10ltr MSR water bladder  

Green bag: 

Electrical items :

Petzel head torch

10,000 mAh proximity charger 

20,000 mAh power bank 

Usb x 4 charger plug 

Phone usb short lead 

Phone usb long lead 

Spot usb 

Petzel usb  

Grey bag: 


Soap and box 

Green shammy type towel 

Running shorts x 2 

Socks x 2 pair  

Sandals in plastic bag  

Inner pocket: 


Sawyers mini filter & syringe


Spare maps 

20 x cable ties  

Outer pocket: 

Tripod for phone camera

Rear right pannier: 

Sleeping bag  




Outer pocket: 

Packets of tissues  

Front left pannier: 

Dehydrated meals 

Snack container with muesli bars etc  

Front right pannier: 

Extra dehydrated meals 


Insulated mug 

Soup mixes, spare snacks, muesli cereal  

Inner pocket: 

Spare small clipseal bags for mashed potato, nuts, dried fruit etc  

On top of panniers: 

2 x 6ltrs water bag attached with carabiners  

Saddle bag:  

2 x tubes 

Koga tool 

Brooks tool 

Allen keys 3mm, 4mm, 5mm 

Torx tools  

Spare bolts and spoke nipples 

2 brake pads  

Nipple tool 

2 x metal tyre levers 

1 plastic tyre lever 

Squirt multi tool 

6 pegs 

Clothes line 

Head bug net 

5m gaffa tape 

Tissues (toilet paper) 

Bushmans insect repellant 

Seat cover.   

Triangle bandage 


Aquatabs Band-Aids (thin and thick)  

Spare bike computer battery 

Lots of tyre and tube patches 


Crepe bandage 

Antiseptic powder  

On top of rear rack: 

Tent with folded tarp inside. 

Attached with 100cm bungie cord  

Spare belt and tyre cable tied to handle bars.  

Spare spokes cable tied to frame. 

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tony rockGood on you vince. Look forward to your adventures. Currently Umming and ahhing about riding the bike in the rain today…

May the wind always be at your back…
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6 months ago
Vince McCarthyThank you sir👍🏻
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6 months ago