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August 31, 2022

Day 96: Donnelly River to Manjimup

Start:  8:30am
Distance: 52km
Ride time:  4 :07hours
Average:  13km/hr 
Max:  49km/hr
Finish: 2:20pm

Last night I was woken by a dog growling loudly. Shocked, I put on my light and saw a kangaroo stealing my Anzac biscuits from my pannier.

The kangaroo was growling at a possum that also wanted his share of the biscuits. 

In my sleepy state, I didn't take a photo with the kangaroo's head buried in my pannier. I had to forcefully push the kangaroo twice to get him to back away.

The two criminals.
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Annie O'SheaBe careful of the roos they're known to turn on people in a second
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3 months ago
Vince McCarthyThey won't hurt me because I'm a nice person.
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3 months ago

I then put my bike inside the hut next to where I was sleeping. This stopped the kangaroo.

But the possum was persistent.
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Lucy MartinYour possums are a lot better looking than their American cousins.
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3 months ago

I squirted him with water twice and he ran away. But he kept coming back.

Eventually I cut the cable ties that were attaching the front food panniers. I then put the panniers in the hut food box.

I wasn't woken by the possum again but when I woke in the morning, there was lots of possum poo right next to my sleeping bag. The cheeky thing.

In the morning I faked having food in my hand and this gorgeous ring necked parrot came up and gently nibbled on my finger.
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I had breakfast in the store. When I exited the store eating a biscuit, I was immediately surrounded by 6 emus...

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Rita McCarthyCertainly sounds like a great place to visit.
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3 months ago

I know feeding wild animals is wrong for several reasons. But it gives me great joy and this is priceless to me.

I was a little sad to leave Donnelly River. It was a perfect place to relax. It was also the norm to be a cyclist or a hiker. We spoke to each other with understanding and the store staff were kind.

There's always been a little of this feeling along the Munda Biddi but this place seemed like it only existed to look after hikers and bikers. I'm not sure I'll find another place like this.

The beginning of today's trail.
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This is Bill. He is out for a few days ride.
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We spoke for a while. He once worked in the army (served in East Timor), then police (worked in K9 unit), and now a firey. A good person. I feel we could have become good friends.

This big tree marks my halfway point along the Munda Biddi Trail.
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Annie O'Sheacongratulations on getting to your half way mark
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3 months ago
One Tree Bridge.
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In 1904, this karri tree was felled across the 25 metre wide river. They then used jarrah to build a usable bridge on the top of it.

Only one fat touring bike can cross at a time.
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After this crossing there was a very steep climb with many switchbacks. I struggled and was just able to ride it all the way.

The trail passed through some great tall and straight trees.
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I could see green avocados on these trees.
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A bitumen path coming into town.
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A yummy burrito bowl for late lunch.
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I checked into the caravan park and had an early night. $33.30.
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Today's ride: 52 km (32 miles)
Total: 5,289 km (3,284 miles)

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