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August 30, 2022

Day 95: Jarrahwood to Donnelly River

Start: 8:15am
Distance:  66km
Ride time:  4:28hours
Average:  15km/hr 
Max: 53km/hr
Finish: 3pm

The town dog never visited me during the night.

Morning trail pic.
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A swampy section.
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Beth ArtHi Vince,

How do you work out which way to go when faced with what I can see in the photo?

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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyHi Beth, thank you for the question. In this pic there was a bridge crossing the swampy section so it was easy to follow without getting wet. The signposts are always very good at directing the right way to go.
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1 year ago
Bridge pic.
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This morning followed an old rail trail. I was able to maintain a good speed.

Crossing a big river near Nannup.
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This says halfway but I think they are early by about 50kms. I should reach halfway tomorrow.
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Nannup is a pretty little town with pretty flowers.
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Annie O'SheaPretty tulips love them
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1 year ago

I had a yummy lunch and 2 coffees here.

The rail line was used to carry logs. The log trailer thingy was stamped 1897.
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Sadly I didn't see any dogs.
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The trail out of town was a very long uphill on bitumen. There was no traffic.
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A newly born lamb. Its mother didn't like me taking the pic and stamped her feet aggressively at me.
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Some single track to take me to Donnelly River.
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I was elated to see some tame friends! I patted both of them.
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These are wild animals that have become accustomed to people.

A ring necked parrot. While I was taking this pic another parrot landed on my phone!
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Donnelly River is a very small village. There is a general store and some accommodation. It's an old timber town. The store rents out the cottages and a bunk house.

I didn't see any cars driving around the town. Only walkers and cyclists.

I had an excellent lasagne and salad for an early dinner.

The Bibbulmun Walking Trail passes this village and there are 2 huts for them.
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There are no huts specifically for cyclists. I am staying in a walker's hut. I'm sure the walkers won't mind. There are 3 walkers in town and they are staying in different accommodation options.

One of the girls said her bunk house is smelly and she would be just as happy staying in the hut.

My hut is free and comes with a flushing toilet. 

For $5 I get access to a hot shower (and a towel!) with a small camp kitchen. A great deal.
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I shared some cheese and crackers with the local magpies.
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They were fussy. They really liked the cheese and were indifferent about the crackers.

Then the emus had some too.
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An awesome end to a great day!

Today's ride: 66 km (41 miles)
Total: 5,237 km (3,252 miles)

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