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September 1, 2022

Day 97: Manjimup to Quinninup

Start: 9 am
Distance: 44km
Ride time:  3:05hours
Average:  14km/hr 
Max: 60km/hr!
Finish: 1:50pm

I enjoyed a long coffee at a cafe before I left town.

Morning trail pic.
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Afternoon trail pic.
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There were a few small hills today. It was a good riding day. Sunny and mild. The heavily forested sections shaded me from getting too hot.

I saw this hanging in the forest.
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I had to look it up. It's a pheromone trap to catch moths. I don't know why they want to catch moths.

I had a salad roll in the sunshine here. It was very peaceful.
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I had a fast downhill and then a steep uphill into town.
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A blue tree in town.
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These are a few thousand gnomes on the way into the caravan park.
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The park was empty of people with a sign up saying to find a site and they will catch up with us later.

I chose a grassy site next to some kangaroos.
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This one had a willy wagtail friend.
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Later, the caretaker came by and charged me $20 for the powered site.

Neil came by after too. He is riding north to south. Last year he rode it in the opposite direction. What a champion! We later had a beer together in the pub.

These two young magpies were playing tugowar with a small stick. It was very entertaining.
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The caretaker said I could have a fire and there was a small supply of wood.

I used some metho to start it.
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Today's ride: 44 km (27 miles)
Total: 5,333 km (3,312 miles)

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Rita McCarthyWe enjoyed staying at Quinninup. Picked some lovely blackberries there. Probably wrong season for you to pick some.
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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyYeh, a great place to camp. Definitely no blackberries at this time.
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1 year ago