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August 22, 2022

Day 87: Dwellingup to Bidjar Nigoulin

Start: 9:15am
Distance:  28km
Ride time:  2:11hours
Average:  13km/hr 
Max: 56km/hr
Finish: 1:15pm

I slept well for the first night in my tent. It didn't leak, it didn't rain. There was some condensation that looked like it might drip on me. I think this was because I didn't peg peg out all of the tie lines. I need to be more thorough in the future. 

I was lazy getting up. It was cold and I knew I had an easy option of a lazy day or a hard option of a tough day.

I went to a nice cafe for a huge breaky.
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I met for the second time, a couple of Bibbulmun hikers at the cafe too. I tested the weight of one of their packs. It only weighs 12kgs. I wish I had more time to talk to them.

I think cyclists can learn a lot from through hikers. I don't know how they survive. I have so much more stuff than them. I am keen to give it a try. But I need to focus on getting home to Canberra for now.

The start to the day was a freshly graded forest track.
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I got to a big forest recreational area. Forgive me I forget the name.

Anyways there was a sign for the Munda Biddi Trail users.
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This sign is great but could be easily missed. There was no sign at the 5.5km mark saying to turn left. I was using the App which made it easy. But also it could be easily missed if someone didn't have the App.

I crossed a big river. I think this is the Murray River.
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Annie O'SheaThe Murray runs into the sea in SA are you there already
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3 months ago
Vince McCarthyThis is another Murray River. It will be a long time before I'm in SA.
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3 months ago
A wet way through a cutting.
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There was already a way around this log.
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Another view of the Murray River. It was flowing fast. I wouldn't camp anywhere near this due to the flooding risk.
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Most of today's track was like this.
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I proceeded gingerly over this rocky section.
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Crossing a small tributary.
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I didn't do all of this walk.
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I only walked in a few 100m to see the giant jarrah.
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Not long after, I arrived at the hut. 

There is a small waterfall nearby.
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On the easement to the shelter, a branch had fallen through. Some serious velocity there.
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A pic of the comments book in the hut.
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I must be the slowest person on the trail. The fastest couple noted in the book did 150kms in a day. Wow!

Today's ride: 28 km (17 miles)
Total: 4,882 km (3,032 miles)

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