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August 6, 2022

Day 71: Geraldton to Dongara

Start: 7:15 am
Distance:  77km
Ride time:  4:08hours
Average: 18 km/hr 
Max:  42km/hr
Finish: 1:10pm

I had a staggered sleep. There were lots of trains travelling past tooting their very loud horns all during the night.

It felt like 1.4 degrees Celsius when I got up. It was nice to put on dry socks and pack up a dry tent.

I started the day full of nutrition.
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Rita McCarthyGreat start!
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4 months ago
The first mention of Perth.
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This excited me. I will get to see Serena in Perth and have a few days off the bike. 

I stopped at Greenough to look at a small museum.
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Flour bag.
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They have a river red gum in their garden that was born in the year 1230.
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Eucalyptus camaldulensis.

A few kms down the road I saw this windblown river red gum.
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Kerrie McCarthySo pretty ❤️
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3 months ago

There is a sign stating the Wajarri people have named these type of trees Wirnda Ngadara. It made me happy to see this tree.

This tree has struggled and still survived. I find it inspiring. 

Some farmgate protest. I'm against fracking too.
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An olive tree plantation.
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Most of today's landscape was sheep grazing with some cattle and a little canola.

The terrain was flat until near the end when it became hilly. I had a small crosswind that didn't hinder me much. It was sunny and a mild temperature. The road was busy with a little shoulder. 

Dongara's big lobster.
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Annie O'SheaHave a lobster for me, I love them
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4 months ago
Vince McCarthyI'll see what I can do.
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3 months ago
Dongara is a small seaside town.
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Today's ride: 77 km (48 miles)
Total: 4,213 km (2,616 miles)

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