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July 27, 2022

Day 61: Yalabia rest area to Carnarvon

Start: 8:30 am
Distance: 108 km
Ride time: 5:29 hours
Average: 20 km/hr 
Max: 29 km/hr
Finish:  3 pm

Morning road pic
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Another blue tree at a rest stop.
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This pretty daisy made me happy.
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Today's tree pic.
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After a long day, I made it.
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This sign was 14kms from the town so I still had a little way to go.

The Gascoyne River.
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I'm not sure why this banana was behind a fence?
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I couldn't see a banana shop. I was hoping for a banana smoothie and pancakes. 

I checked into the campground and then rode out to the One Mile Jetty. 

Unfortunately it's only a couple hundred metres now and it's closed.
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Lednar De NallohTo expensive to repair an old, rotting jetty then a cyclone usually finishes them off.
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1 year ago
They have demolished the rest.
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A pleasant small bay on the edge of town.
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I was excited to have some delicious green chicken curry for dinner. It tasted way better than a roadhouse burger.

A few days ago someone had warned me to be careful of thieves here. I never saw anything suspicious. 

I was too tired to have a beer or even write this blog. I'm sorry you'll have to wait a couple days before I can get reception to publish it.

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Today's ride: 108 km (67 miles)
Total: 3,632 km (2,255 miles)

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