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July 26, 2022

Day 60: Minilya roadhouse to Yalabia rest area

Start: 9:45 am
Distance: 51 km
Ride time: 2:26 hours
Average: 21 km/hr 
Max: 29km/hr
Finish: 12:40 pm

It was a noisy night because of the roadhouse generator. And the mine workers left early this morning.

Minilya River.
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Morning road pic.
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A barely perceptible tailwind.
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It felt amazing not to have a headwind or a strong side wind. The terrain was flat. The temperature wasn't too hot. It was a pleasant day to cycle.

Red earth and blue sky.
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I arrived at the rest area without much effort.

I spent the afternoon finishing my book. 

I recommend it.
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Rob and Suzie kindly made me a real coffee with snacks for afternoon tea.
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They have both done a little bike touring. Suzie rode the Oodnadatta Track in her 80s.

She insisted on providing me with dinner tonight.

There were only a few people at this rest area in the evening. I needed to wash off the daily grime and there wasn't anywhere I could do it discreetly, so I just did it in the open.

Unfortunately for Suzie, this was just the time she was delivering my dinner. Luckily she didn't falter, saying she was a nurse and has 'seen plenty of naked behinds'. It was very funny.

This is the large, healthy and tasty free dinner I gratefully received.
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Meet the very nice Rob and Suzie.
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Veronica JoinerWhat lovely people.
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4 months ago
Annie O'SheaThanks for providing my son with some great tucker, you wonderful people. Safe travels
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4 months ago

Suzie was happy to take my book which saves me from carrying it.

Other people at the rest area offered me water and beer which I declined. I would have accepted the beer but I have a big day tomorrow and I don't want to be seedy.

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Today's ride: 51 km (32 miles)
Total: 3,524 km (2,188 miles)

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Lednar De NallohI'm pretty sure Rob's in our cycling club, small world.
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4 months ago