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June 2, 2022

Day 6: Timber Creek to East Baines rest area

Start: 6:30 am
Distance: 60 kms
Ride time: 3:17 hours
Average: 18km/hr
Max: 27km/hr
Finish: 10:15 am

Temp: 33 degrees 

I had a poor night's sleep. Somehow I managed to hurt my back. And my pillow has a leak. I had to inflate it 3 times during the night.

One consolation is that I heard something go "woof woof" many times during the night. It came from a barking owl. It sounded cute.

It was 26 degrees when I woke up. Serena told me it was -5 in Canberra. 

Morning view of Victoria River. I took this picture from an Australian Defence bridge.
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There are two caravan parks in Timber Creek. One of them was fully booked by Defence.

Big Horse Creek.
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I passed a few other creeks that were dry.

Today's tree pic is another boab.
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East Baines River.
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Today's ride was flat. I was able to ride my bike with my sore back. It just makes doing everything else a lot slower. Hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow and it will be magically fixed.

I arrived early at the East Baines rest area. There are water tanks and a shaded picnic table.

I always check the water tanks first. As I went to do this a lady came over almost yelling at me not to drink the water because it will make me sick.

She was being kind and gave me a bottle of cold water which I gratefully accepted. 

I always drink from these tanks without treating the water. The tanks are filled from water trucks. The tanks are sealed so no frogs or birds can get in. I think it's safe.

I've had a few caravaners tell me that it's unsafe. Caravaners like telling stories. They often talk up the perceived danger, especially about thieves. So far I've had no trouble with water or thieves. 

I spent the afternoon enjoying having phone reception and talking to several other travellers. And listening to the drum of a caravaner's generator.

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Today's ride: 60 km (37 miles)
Total: 365 km (227 miles)

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