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May 31, 2022

Day 5: Skull Creek to Timber Creek

Start: 7:55 am
Distance: 40 kms
Ride time: 2:17 hours
Average: 18km/hr
Max: 28km/hr
Finish: 10:20 am

Temp: 34 Celsius 

It was another sunny blue sky day in the Northern Territory. 

This upper part of Timber Creek was dry.
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Morning road pic.
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I was struggling to maintain a good speed on the flat ground this morning. After several kms I realised I had actually been on an imperceptible incline. I then enjoyed a long, gentle descent.

This is a memorial to the early pastoralists.
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Fences were expensive to make so they just built a small section like this to tie the cattle to while they branded them.

More escarpments today.
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Today I saw red tailed black cockatoos and red winged parrots.

Today was a short ride to Timber Creek.
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I checked into the hotel caravan park.

I had a big grassy area all to myself. $20.
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Well except for a lot of noisy flying foxes.
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My campsite was close to the creek.

A large freshie.
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This sign was in the hotel.
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Annie O'SheaVery clever hahahahaha
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6 months ago

I haven't had any phone reception since Katherine. I appreciate your understanding that I can't update this journal every day.

A boab tree in the park.
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The hotel does a freshie feeding some days.
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It was pretty cool. Fresh water crocodiles are safe to swim with. Just don't harass them or they will bite.

This guy was being fed horse meat.

They also fed some kites.
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They were either a whistling kite or a black kite. The fellow would throw the meat in the air and the birds would swoop down and catch them.

Today's ride: 40 km (25 miles)
Total: 305 km (189 miles)

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