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May 30, 2022

Day 4: Victoria River to Skull Creek

Start: 9:10 am
Distance: 52 kms
Ride time: 3:04 hours
Average: 17km/hr
Max: 30km/hr
Finish: 1:30 pm

This is a pic of last night's campsite.
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Yesterday was a big day for me so I wanted to have an easier day today. I had a sleep in and then walked down to the river to see some fresh water crocodiles sunbaking. Unfortunately I didn't see any.

Victoria River roadhouse has a nice view.
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I saw a favourite flower from last year, a yellow kapok.
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I ate a couple kapok petals and left the rest for the next cyclist.

The morning was spent winding around several escarpments.
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Today's tree pic had interesting bark.
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Around lunchtime, a nice Korean motorcyclist stopped to have a chat. He is travelling around Australia as part of a worldwide trip. He had lots of bags on his bike. He told me about touring cyclists he's seen in other countries. I forgot to take his photo.

He commented that I was looking tired. Maybe I was still recovering from yesterday. 

I had no tailwind today and it was hot. I shouldn't leave so late in the morning.

After 52kms I found some shade next to the dry Skull Creek. It is close to the road but wild camping spots aren't easy to find. I found a flat spot behind some long grass, near a gravel dump.

Hopefully there won't be too many road trains during the night.
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This little guy visited my campsite.
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I had a dehydrated meal for lunch. 

When there was no traffic, I used 3ltrs of water to have a good wash. I felt like a new man.

Last year I used Sea to Summit brand water bladders. They weren't durable and began to leak. 

This year I bought new MSR brand water bladders. I think they will be tougher as they're made from canvas. I made a rookie mistake by not rinsing them out before starting the trip. The water has a funny taste. Whoopsy.

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PS. I didn't see any skulls in the creek.

Today's ride: 52 km (32 miles)
Total: 265 km (165 miles)

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