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May 29, 2022

Day 3: Mathison rest area to Victoria River

Start: 5:40 am
Distance: 94 kms
Ride time: 4:58 hours
Average: 19km/hr
Max: 47km/hr
Finish: 11:45 am

An early start to the day. I was keen to get a lot of kms done before it got too hot. The stars were still shining brightly. 

Nice morning light.
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A big rock to commemorate a new hwy opening.
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Brandy Bottle Creek had a little water.
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Today's road pic.
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A kind German couple stopped their car to ask if I needed anything. Maybe I should start asking for chocolate bars?

The scenery changed from flat terrain to ochre escarpments in Judbarra/Gregory National Park.
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I had another tailwind today. I still had many rest breaks. It was a big distance for me.

Victoria River
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There's a road house here with a campground out the back.

I found a shady campsite and then enjoyed my first shower since Katherine for $15.

There is Optus phone reception here but no Telstra and I am with Telstra. There is a public phone here which is free for Australian numbers. How awesome is that? I called Serena and said hi.

This fuchsia was in the campground.
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This beast gave me a hard stare as I walked by to the river. I've worked with dairy cows so I'm not scared.
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I wanted to see some freshies. I had no luck. I saw a dead kangaroo in the river. I hope they filter the water here.

Today's ride: 94 km (58 miles)
Total: 213 km (132 miles)

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