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July 1, 2022

Day 36: Stanley rest area to Sandfire roadhouse

Start: 7:30 am
Distance: 110 km
Ride time: 6:01 hours
Average: 18 km/hr
Max: 27 km/hr
Finish: 3 pm

Wow, what a windy place. It didn't stop all night. It was a little cool and the wind made it cooler hence why I was late getting up again.

I made use of the jumper Serena sent to me in Broome.
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I'm a big guy and don't feel the cold easily. Also this ride has given me a few more smiley lines. I don't mind at all. 

This was last night's camp. Free!
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Today's tree pic. The wind was blowing from the left.
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I didn't see many large trees today.

I was happy to see this sign early in the day.
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The different vegetation types I saw:

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Salty marshes.
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A tree less plain.
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A big old termite mound.
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The wind was strong from the east again. It prevented me from riding at my usual cruising speed.

At the 73km mark, a car coming toward me pulled over. It was Eddie. He kindly offered me a cold coke which I accepted.

He also gave me a large handful of bananas.
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The bananas were just what I needed to get me to the roadhouse.

He was in a rush so I didn't get a pic. The whole encounter was less than 2 minutes.

This lifted my mood which was a bit down because of the wind.

Through hikers call these people that do kind deeds trail angels. I'm going to call the people that are kind to me road angels.

Kindness to strangers is an endearing part of being human.

A while down the road I was excited to see another welcome to country sign.
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Unfortunately as I was riding to it, I got stuck in some sand and fell off the bike.

This nasty, sneaky, evil sand, was hiding under a layer of gravel.
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Vince McCarthyI'm okay now. The scars have heeled.
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4 months ago

On my ride today, I saw a feral cat. He got scared and sprinted back into the scrub. I saw a wedged-tailed eagle, he flew slowly away from some roadkill. I saw lots of cattle wandering by the roadside. They ran away very fast.

I was very happy to arrive at the roadhouse. 

I set my tent up and went for a shower. While in the shower someone yelled out that my tent was blowing away.

Crazy wind. I think I lost another one or two pegs. I used a rock to smash the pegs in as deep as they would go.

There are friendly peacocks about.
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And some geese.
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And an angry camel. This one snorted at me when I got close.
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A cheap $10.
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Today's ride: 110 km (68 miles)
Total: 2,022 km (1,256 miles)

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Veronica JoinerAn eventful day
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5 months ago