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June 27, 2022

Day 32: Rest day

Unusually it was very windy during the night causing the inside of my tent to be covered in fine red dust.

I overcame this annoyance by dining on a healthy breakfast of fritters.
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Next stop was the post office. Serena had sent me a parcel.

Dehydrated meals, dried bananas and mangos, a replacement water bottle holder, cable ties, and a replacement trangia seal.
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She also sent me Locktite super glue instead of the Locktite thread locker. I forgive her because I wasn't specific enough and she was being kind.

Then I went for a ride on the beach front.

I saw this artwork.
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Frustratingly the inscription was corroded from the sea air and I couldn't read it. I hope it gets fixed.

A quick search on the internet revealed it is a pregnant aboriginal women holding a pearl shell.

They were sold as slaves and forced to dive for pearl shells even while pregnant. 

Next I went to the museum. 

Dive suit.
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Pearl shell carved by Joe Nangan of Yawuru country.
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This is a bad photo of a Theropod dinosaur track.
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There are many dinosaur tracks close to Broome yet they are only visible on the very low tides. I wanted to do a tour out there but it was booked out.

After lunch I was picked up by a minibus to do a whale watching tour.

The beach sand is very compact. The bus isn't 4WD and it was able to drive on the beach.

We got off the bus and onto a small tender.
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The tender is on powered wheels. It drove us toward the water. Once in sufficient water, the propeller kicked in and operated like a standard boat.

A pic of all the cars on the beach.
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They served ice cold beer on the boat. Of course I had to have one.
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Annie O'SheaYou look like you're really enjoying
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5 months ago

This is only the 3rd whale watching tour of the season. Seeing a whale isn't guaranteed. 

We drove 25kms offshore. We were lucky.

If you look closely you can see the rainbow colours in the whale's 'blow'.
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We followed 5 humpback whales for about an hour.
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Annie O'Sheawow how wonderful and so close to the boat
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5 months ago
I took about 50 pics. This is my favourite.
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None of the whale's breached or did flipper slaps.

On the way back to shore we saw the sun set over the horizon.
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It was amazing. A definite highlight of the trip. It cost $170. Good value for money.

Today's ride: 14 km (9 miles)
Total: 1,665 km (1,034 miles)

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Veronica JoinerGreat photos. All done on your Phone?
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5 months ago
Vince McCarthyThanks, yep, all done with my phone.
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5 months ago