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June 19, 2022

Day 24: Imintji to Miluwindi Conservation Park

Start: 6:45 am
Distance: 57 km
Ride time: 3:58 hours
Average: 14 km/hr
Max: 46 km/hr
Finish: 11:30 am

It was a cold morning. Some truckers lit a fire and were standing around it wearing jumpers.

I don't have a jumper with me. Serena is sending me some things to Broome.  She will include my jumper.

Morning light on the escarpment behind the campground.
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This is on my left and Wunaamin Conservation Park is on my right.
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Nice hills.
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Unnamed creek.
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The steep climb up Satan's Pass.
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This is where it became very hilly to cross the King Leopold Ranges. The steep sections were bitumen. It was hilly for the rest of the day. I didn't mind as there were some lovely views.

I camped on the other side of the escarpment last night.
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March Fly Glen.
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Nice exposed rock.
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Big views.
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I think this is a Kimberley hibiscus.
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Today was a very dusty day. The corrugations were smaller which meant the cars zoomed past a lot faster creating more dust. It was a little wearisome at times.

My legs coped well with all of the hills. I feel like my fitness has improved and I've adjusted to the heat.

I found a couple of shady gum trees on the other edge of Miluwindi Conservation Park. This will be my campsite for the night.

It's close to the road. Everyone is going so fast that they don't notice me.

There is a small amount of festy water here. Too murky for even me to swim in.

I saw two storks.

Eastern grey egret
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Eastern grey egret.

White-faced heron.
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White-faced heron.

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Today's ride: 57 km (35 miles)
Total: 1,177 km (731 miles)

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Kerrie McCarthySome very amazing pictures of this beautiful land ❤️
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