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November 24, 2022

Day 180: Yarram to Sale

Start: 7:50am
Distance: 82km
Ride time: 4:06hours
Average: 20km/hr 
Max: 42km/hr
Finish: 12:45pm

There were lots of nice birds tweeting at dawn this morning to wake me up.

Some pics of Yarram before I left:

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This court house is now the info centre. A nice man there yesterday helped me with the local info.
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Annie O'SheaBeautiful building
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1 week ago
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Rita McCarthyVery impressive! Love the wall art. Is God giving you a hint?
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1 week ago
Vince McCarthyI thought you might like it🙂
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1 week ago
I like the font. South Gippsland Creamery and Butter Factory Company. 1891.
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This morning's road pic. There was no shoulder for 10kms and then there was a good shoulder.
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The farmland was dairy and beef cattle pastures. There were lots of trucks full of pine logs heading south towards Yarram.

The empty trucks were heading north, the same direction as me. They were all very good and gave me lots of room when overtaking. 

This wattle had a lovely scent. It was in the But But Forest Reserve.
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Merrimens Creek was flooded.
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Rita McCarthyNot surprising!
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1 week ago
A sulfur-crested cockatoo.
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I crossed over several rivers just before arriving to Sale.
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They were all in flood.
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I had lunch at a cafe and then went to the caravan park. They are not allowing tents to stay because they have closed the amenities. 

They were getting bad reviews because the amenities are old. The council owns the park and it's leased out. The managers have closed the amenities in an attempt to force the council to build them new ones.

Excellent grassy sites that I'm forbidden to camp on.
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It all sounds a bit silly to me. 

The local showground is open to caravaners but tents are forbidden there too. This town doesn't like tents.

I could have ridden to the next town or stealth camped here somewhere. There are plenty of parks.

I'm so close to getting to Canberra that I think my willingness to stealth camp has faded. 

I took a cabin in the caravan park. It has a good firm bed so no sleeping on the floor for me tonight.

I went for a ride around Lake Guthridge. It was very popular with joggers and dog walkers. I went through the very small botanic gardens and failed to see any plants worthy of a photo. 😔

This represents the local indigenous clans of Brataualung, Brayakaulung, Brabralung, Tatungalung, and Krauatungalung.
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I spotted a frog.
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And a turtle.
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Today's ride: 82 km (51 miles)
Total: 10,401 km (6,459 miles)

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