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November 22, 2022

Day 178: Stony Point to Inverloch

Start: 7:30am
Distance: 59km
Ride time: 2:43hours
Average: 22km/hr 
Max: 60km/hr
Finish: 1pm

It was very cold last night. I wore my wool thermal pants and wool jumper in my sleeping bag. 

My new mattress was bliss to sleep on. Better than any mattress in a fancy hotel.

It also rained overnight and stopped briefly for me to pack up the tent this morning. 

Some wood ducks kept me company while I waited for the ferry.
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This is a small ferry operation. There is no sheltered waiting area so I sat in the rain with all of my waterproof stuff on.

Hurray, the ferry arrived!
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This ferry doesn't take cars. Only people and bicycles and dogs.
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There were two dogs on today's trip. They sat in the cabin area with the humans.

The nice man only charged me $14.50 when he was meant to charge me an extra $4.50 for the bike.

First we went east to French Island.
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We dropped off 4 passengers and then we went south to Phillip Island. 

There were only two of us going to Phillip Island.
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The crossing was rough and bouncy. It gave me a headache instead of nausea. 

It was still raining when I arrived on Phillip Island so I found a coffee shop to wait it out.
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If the weather was nice, I would have stayed on Phillip Island. There is a surfing reserve and little penguins and other fun stuff to do. 

Some local art of a weird looking baby.
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The rain stopped so I headed out. This bike path went for 8kms.
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I had a good tailwind today.

This is a poor photo of a fantastic weather vane. It's a butterfly sitting on a flower, by David Kopelman. It was in a reserve.
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Some Cane Barron Geese were checking me out.
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The Ripcurl shop had a classic Komby.
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And a left hander barrel. This is my favourite selfie pic of the trip.
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Rita McCarthyYou blend in really well. Love the big smile on your face.
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2 weeks ago
I crossed the bridge from Phillip Island to the mainland.
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From here it rained constantly. 

Kilcunda Surf Beach was blowing an offshore.
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I arrived at Inverloch at lunchtime. I was soaked through and cold. My jacket is waterproof but I sweat a lot and this is what has made me wet.

I sat in a warm coffee shop while I assessed my situation. I had two big coffees while I contemplated how tough I was feeling. 

The rain radar indicated it would keep on raining all day. From all of the rain this morning I convinced myself the caravan park grounds would be saturated.

I made an easy decision to stay in a hotel and get warm and dry.
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Annie O'SheaThat was a very good idea after all the wet weather. You're tougher than I am.
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2 weeks ago

Today's ride: 59 km (37 miles)
Total: 10,214 km (6,343 miles)

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Ann HutchingWishing you all the best Vince, and some dry days! What a trip. Enjoying your diary, and admire your courage and tenacity! Kia kaha.
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2 weeks ago
Vince McCarthyHi Ann,

Thank you for your kind comments.
It always nice to hear from a Kiwi 😍
The weather should improve for the next few days.
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2 weeks ago