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November 9, 2022

Day 165: Kingston SE to Beachport

Start: 7:10am
Distance: 112km
Ride time:  5:34 hours
Average:  20 km/hr 
Max: 54km/hr
Finish: 2:30pm

It will get to 32 degrees today and I will have a good tailwind so I didn't worry about getting up too early.

The morning beach pic in Kingston SE.
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A vineyard.
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I also saw sheep and cattle grazing land, pine plantations and wheat.

After about 40kms, I met Charles out for his morning ride near Robe. He was very kind and insisted on showing me the sights of Robe. 

He said it would be about 7kms but it ended up being 20kms and an hour or more and lots of hills.

The Guichen Bay beach.
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Meet Charles. We followed a bike path and ended up riding along the town beach for a short time.
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charles reimer20 kms ? never. Charles
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4 weeks ago
A raised path through some tea tree.
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The marina filled with crayfish boats.
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The Robe obelisk was built on Cape Dombey in 1855 as a landmark for ships.
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One of the bike paths we rode along.
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Charles even made me ride up the 16% gradient Beacon Hill to see the view.
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It was nice of him to show me the town.

I thanked him and then continued heading south to Beachport. 

The road to Beachport had no shoulder.
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On the edge of town was a huge anchor. There was no info on what ship it came from.
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An elevated path on the way into Beachport.
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A very small Customs House from 1879 in the town centre.
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Even with the tailwind, it was still a big day for me. I was very glad to get into town and I sculled a couple of cold drinks then had a long shower to wash away the day's filth.

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Today's ride: 112 km (70 miles)
Total: 9,431 km (5,857 miles)

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