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November 8, 2022

Day 164: Salt Creek to Kingston SE

Start: 5:30am
Distance: 93km
Ride time:  n/a hours
Average:  n/a km/hr 
Max: 33km/hr
Finish: 10:30am

It was going to reach 31 degrees today so I was on my bike just before dawn.

I saw the moon on the horizon.
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The roadway was vegetated, surrounded by sheep grazing country. The terrain was flat.
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The wind was forcast to be a crosswind and actually became a tailwind. 

A small deer ran across the road in front of me.

I saw this footprint on the sand in Coorong National Park and wasn't sure if it was a pig, deer, or goat. Now I guess it was a deer.
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This fox was munching into some roadkill.
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Someone had placed this old bike frame on the roadside in the middle of nowhere.
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Some farmgate protesting.
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A big thing in Kingston SE.
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Kingston has SE (South East) after the name to distinguish it from Kingston on the Murray. It is about 300kms north of here.

The beachside road has a light house. It is the Cape Jaffa lighthouse originally built on Margaret Brook Reef in 1868. It was moved here in 1975.
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I had brunch and made camp. Then I had a little nap.

Later, on my way to the shops I met Dave. He is riding a Surly fat bike for a couple of weeks from Adelaide.
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We chatted for a while and then again later at the campground. He has bike toured a lot in Asia.

There is a RV park in town that costs $15 for 3 nights. There is green grass and toilets. For some silly reason they don't allow tents.

I was tired and had an early night. 

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Today's ride: 93 km (58 miles)
Total: 9,319 km (5,787 miles)

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