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October 4, 2022

Day 130: Nullarbor to Winny Wombat rest area

Start: 8:15am
Distance: 104km
Ride time: 4:48hours
Average:  22km/hr 
Max: 45km/hr
Finish: 2pm

It rained a lot overnight. I had a hot chocolate at the roadhouse before I departed. 

It felt like a dream had come true. I finally had a tailwind on the Nullarbor. I was very happy.

The sky threatened rain and didn't deliver. It was a pleasure to ride with the wind. I averaged 22km/hr and it only took half the amount of effort as the previous few, slower days.

Shortly after leaving the roadhouse, I saw this sign.
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I am happy the indigenous communities have control of their own land. 

The Yalata area is a dry area, meaning no alcohol is permitted. This wasn't signposted on the road. The bar staff at the roadhouse told me.

If anyone bought alcohol to take away, the bar staff would write down their driver licence details and what alcohol they bought.

This is to help the police stop 'grog running', which is the onselling of alcohol to prohibited communities. 

This practice was the same in the NT. I used to think it was a sad thing, that the government was enforcing these strict laws on communities. 

Then later I found out that it is the indigenous community leaders that have imposed these laws on their own community to help prevent problems. 

The first road pic after leaving the roadhouse. No trees forever. I love trees and I also love this pic.
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It's like looking out at the ocean on a calm day. So flat and vast and peaceful.

I made it to the Eastern End.
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I didn't need any trees for shade as it was overcast.

A tailwind shot. Bliss.
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Shorlty after, I found a gum tree with buds and flowers.
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I love the bark of today's tree pic.
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The terrain quickly changed from flat to hilly and continued all day. Even with all of the hills, I never passed a river or creek.

I haven't even finished the Nullarbor and I still haven't seen a river for 1,000kms. I've been extremely fortunate with the cool weather. 

Today's enormous machine cargo.
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It was proceeded by one pilot car and two police cars (both of them nicely waved to me) about 1km in front of the truck. The machine was so big that everyone had to get completely off the bitumen for it to pass.

This was early in the day. It must have held up traffic heading east as it was not possible for anyone to overtake it and it was driving slowly.

When I got to Yalata, the road to the community was blocked by bollards with this sign.
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I'm glad the government is helping to keep rural communities safe from covid. They are vulnerable and should be protected from tourists.

A bit past Yalata I saw the old and current dingo fence.
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Unfortunately it wasn't signposted so the travelling public wouldn't be aware of it's existence. 

It is the longest fence in the world and was built in the 1880's to stop dingos eating sheep.
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The dingo fence at 5,614kms was heaps bigger than the rabbit proof fence at 3,256kms.

A bit after Yalata I arrived at my campsite. It has a sheltered picnic table. My desirable infrastructure. No toilets or water but who cares about such things.

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The answer to yesterday's mural quiz from left to right is:

Michael Hutchinson 
Jessica Mauboy
Kylie Minogue 
Angry Anderson 
Ian Moss
Shirley Strawn
Peter Garrett
Jimmy Barnes
Angus Young
Molly Meldrum
Chrissy Amphlett
John Farnham

Two mysteries are, I don't know who the dog is and I don't know who is playing the drums. 

A million points go to Lucy who was the only person to have a guess and got two correct. Thanks Lucy!

Today's ride: 104 km (65 miles)
Total: 7,662 km (4,758 miles)

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