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October 3, 2022

Day 129: Rest day

I enjoyed a lazy morning and woke to a couple playing golf.
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It is the world's longest golf course.

It must also be the world's most expensive due to the cost of fuel out here.

I was also a little devastated to see my helmet mirror lying on the ground. Some motorcyclists had slept in their swags under the shelter. 

One of them must have accidentally knocked it off.
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I used my ever reliable cable ties to fix it back on.
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Craig DallyYou can have your mirror back when you catch me up!! Craig
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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyYou're too fast for me young man.
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1 year ago

It is barely holding on so I will have to be careful. I gave my spare mirror to Craig in Norseman as he didn't have one.

My mirror only needs to last a few days as Serena has sent me a replacement mirror to Ceduna. 

I went to the roadhouse for a coffee and was happily surprised to see Craig in there as he told me he would be riding today.

Yesterday was tough on him, so he has taken a rest day too.

It's nice to know I'm not the only one. My legs were a bit unstable when I got up this morning. 

It was a great day to take off the bike.

It rained most of the day.
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This puports to be the original roadhouse.
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Inside I found a bike!
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Inside the pub was a couple of murals by Pam Armstrong. 

Back in the day, Australia made great cars.
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These are Aussie talents. Can you guess who they are? I'll give you the answer tomorrow.
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Lucy MartinAngus Young in his schoolboy’s uniform.
Kylie Minogue(?) in the pink shoes
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1 year ago
Vince McCarthyYou got two out of two! Well done!
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1 year ago

I had lunch and dinner with Craig. The next roadhouse is 143kms away. We agreed to meet there in 2 days time.

Tomorrow the rain is meant to stop and hopefully there will be a small tailwind. 🤞🏻

When I finished the Munda Biddi Trail, I filled out a form and they sent me a certificate today.

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