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September 28, 2022

Day 124: Moonera rest area to Moondini Bluff rest area

Start: 8:30am
Distance:  75km
Ride time:  4:37hours
Average:  16km/hr 
Max: 43km/hr
Finish: 2:30pm

My alarm went off at 5am. It was very cold. I went back to sleep for 2 hours and woke up to a nice warm tent being heated by the morning sun.

Today's morning mallee pic.
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Today's vegetation was mostly salt bush and a few scattered trees.
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The view from Madura Pass.
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It is only 117 metres elevation yet it felt like I could see forever. 

I had a nice little downhill to the Madura Pass Oasis roadhouse.

I had only done about 50kms. The next roadhouse is 116kms. I've had a headwind all day and it will be the same tomorrow. I will do a few more kms today to ease the burden tomorrow. 

I had lunch and bought a couple salad rolls for the road. The only snacks I bought were chocolate bars. I would love to see some more fruit and muesli bars.

This roadhouse was pretty small and take away food was very limited. I hope I find better snacks soon.

I filled up on water from the toilets and hit the road. The headwind increased a bit and my progress was slow.

This big cylinder thing was being towed by two big trucks. There were two pilots cars out front and one behind.
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It was driving down the centre of the road so everyone had to move completely off the road so they could pass.

I passed another road airstrip. Note my flag flying fast in the wrong direction.
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I planned my ride to be on the Nullarbor at this time as the winds are meant to be predominantly westerlies. I hope they arrive soon.

A flat, straight section. It's hard to see in this pic that there was a big heat haze coming off the road.
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This shapely tree is a wattle, the western myall.
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Acacia papyrocarpa.

Moondini Bluff.
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My camp site is near here. I scored a sheltered picnic table and there are toilets here (no toilet paper).

The sun is strong yet the wind is cold. I had a wash and then put on all of my warm clothing to sit down and relax.

I spoke to a couple of travellers and they tell me Geoff is back a fair way. I hope he is doing okay. These headwinds are a bit taxing.

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Today's ride: 75 km (47 miles)
Total: 7,188 km (4,464 miles)

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