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September 26, 2022

Day 122: Rest day

It was a quiet night even though there were many people staying here.

Unusually I couldn't hear the roadhouse generator last night.

I enjoyed being lazy this morning and didn't get out of my tent until 9am.

Shortly after, I was the only one left in the caravan park.
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Ciaguna is an Aboriginal word meaning spear track.

I think all of the roadhouses on the Nullarbor are off grid.

I asked at the roadhouse and they said they got a new generator last week.

The water is desalinated bore water.

There are only two water taps in the caravan park. One in the toilet hand basin and one in the laundry. 

There were several water signs up around the place.

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When I stay in a caravan park, I expect that the price includes drinking water. I don't think I'm stealing it. Even so I don't like seeing these signs. I didn't want to ask what caused them to put up the signs.

I saw a little bike silhouette in their dry garden bed.
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A long way from anywhere.
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This was in the bar. I asked the barman what it meant and he couldn't remember. I googled it.
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It stands for: Your Curiosity Will Cost Two Dollars For The Royal Flying Doctor Service Thank You.

Geoff pulled into the roadhouse in the afternoon. 
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He is an Aussie riding from Perth to Adelaide although he is considering riding further to Albury Wodonga where he lives.

We later had dinner together.  He is a nice guy.

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