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June 6, 2022

Day 11: Rest day

Today was truly a rest day. I got up late. I had to change rooms because my room was booked. Blah blah blah.

I had lunch at the only cafe that was open. I got charged an extra 12% due to a public holiday. First world problems. I was happy they were open to serve me.

It was packed. Not for the first time on  this trip. I asked others if I could sit at their table as there were no free tables.

I made another trip to the supermarket and ran into Alan. He is cycling around Australia. Not a circumnavigation like me. He is just chosing the hardest roads to cycle on. Way tougher than me.

He is riding a Surly Ogre with a rohloff hub.
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I have one of these at home. It is a highly capable bike. I used mine for offroad commuting. Super tough and highly reliable. 

I was happy to see someone using it to its full potential.  His chain was sparkling clean. Of course, he used to work in a bike shop. He is from the UK from his accent. I didn't enquire where.

It is hard for me to do what I am doing. Yet in some ways it's easy. For a foreigner to cycle around this country is amazing.

We spoke for 20 minutes about water, roads, dirt, river crossings, the Gibb River Road, food, maintaining body weight, tyres, and other things.

This is Alan's flickr account:

Alan's flicker

I spent the afternoon relaxing in the caravan park.

Yesterday I bought another book from the information centre.

This is the book I'm currently reading.
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Cheryl IvesLindsay has read "Bitter Harvest" by Peter O'Brien which does a similar appraisal of Pascoe's claims.
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6 months ago
Vince McCarthyThanks Cheryl. I felt a bit gullible being so easily convinced by Pascoe.
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5 months ago

It's a response to the Dark Emu book by Bruce Pascoe. I read Pascoe's book on last year's ride.

This book debunks Pascoe. So if anyone has read his book, I highly recommend they read this book.

Pascoe's book received many literary awards. I think wrongly. This new book deserves all of the awards.

Anyways, this is the new book I bought.
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To carry a hard copy book on a bike ride is extravagant. It takes up valuable volume and weight. To carry two hard copy books borders on ridiculous. 

I went to the nearby hotel for dinner again. Perhaps I've visited this establishment too many times.

Meet Linda. She is always smiling.
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Annie O'SheaSo loving her beautiful smile
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6 months ago

She has remembered my beer order from day one. There must be 100+ people here every night and she has taken the effort to remember me.

It could be because I wear the same clothes every day.

Meet Liz. She has also remembered my beer order. Maybe I drink too much beer?
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My back is almost back to normal movement. I'm so relieved.

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Veronica JoinerVincent I bet they remember you for your beautiful smile and your great manners.
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6 months ago
Annie O'SheaWell said Veronica , very pleased to hear that your back is so much better.
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6 months ago