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September 6, 2022

Day 102: Kwokralup Beela to Walpole

Start: 9:05am
Distance:  43km
Ride time:  3:24hours
Average:  13km/hr 
Max: 51km/hr
Finish: 2pm

It rained during the night and I was nice and dry in the shelter. It was pretty cold. I wore my jumper with the hoodie on underneath my sleeping bag.

The first track this morning had been cleaned up with this machine recently.
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There was no one around and the cabin was unlocked.

I left a note thanking them for their hard work and some jelly beans.
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A long uphill.
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There was an artwork area in the forest called Swarbrick.

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It rained a few times today and there were patches of blue sky in between.
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This was a long sandy section.
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I think the rain compacted the sand so I was able to ride through it without too much trouble.

The Walpole River.
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The path into town.
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I haven't seen any cyclists for the last few days. It's nice having the trail all to myself.

Green chicken curry for lunch at the Philippine Magic Cafe.
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I bought some supplies and then rode 3kms to the caravan park down this track.
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Coalmine Beach. Too cold and windy to swim today.
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Happy galahs getting a free feed.
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An aussie flag and an aussie icon.
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Today's ride: 43 km (27 miles)
Total: 5,573 km (3,461 miles)

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Chris DAVIDSONYou're eating better on this journey then I've ever consistently eaten!!!
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