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September 5, 2022

Day 101: Yirra Kartta to Kwokralup Beela

Start: 9:05am
Distance: 47km
Ride time:  4:12hours
Average:  11km/hr 
Max: 44km/hr
Finish: 3:30pm

Morning trail pic.
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Today's flower pics:

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This is my favourite.
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Annie O'SheaNever seen a blue flower like that before, just beautiful
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3 months ago

Fernhook Falls:

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I think the tea tree colours the water and the falls make it frothy.

Narrow trail pic.
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Cockatoos. These have been difficult to photograph as they always fly off when I get close.
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Lots of wonderful big trees.
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I had the option of a 12km round trip to the top of Mount Frankland. I declined to take it as it had rained a few times today so I assumed there wouldn't be much of a view.

Lots of sticks bounce up and hit my legs. A big one tore a hole in my sock.
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There was a long downhill section before the hut. I always like to finish on a downhill. 

The river near the hut was covered in white foam too.
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There is no one else here.

Kwokralup is the traditional name for the area, Beela river.

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Today's ride: 47 km (29 miles)
Total: 5,530 km (3,434 miles)

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