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September 4, 2022

Day 100: Northcliffe to Yirra Kartta

Start: 8:30am
Distance: 51km
Ride time:  3:55hours
Average:  13km/hr 
Max: 55km/hr!
Finish: 1:35pm

Being the only person in the campground, I had a quiet and peaceful night's sleep. There were no generators or loud TV's or people drinking late.

I had fresh milk in my muesli for breakfast which was a delight. I would later stop at the general store to buy 1ltr of milk so I can do the same tomorrow morning. 

Heifers enjoying the morning.
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There were some patches of sand today.
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I would pass by these two National Parks and Shannon National Park too.
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Shortly after this pic, I saw a feral cat. I also saw a feral cat yesterday. They are hard to get pics of because they are so alert.

This is the Boorara Tree.
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It's another old fire lookout tree. I couldn't climb this one either because the first 5 metres of the step pegs have been removed.

Feral cat number 2 for today.
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Feral cat number 3 for today.
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If I can randomly see 3 feral cats in a day, then this area must be riddled with them.

There are many signs of 1080 baits being laid. They are clearly not working on the cats.

Today was mostly on gravel roads.
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I carried this wine from Pemberton, 93kms away. The snacks I bought in Northcliffe. This is cycle touring glamping.
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After making it to the hut, I climbed a big rock.
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Kerrie McCarthyWhat a view ❤️
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1 year ago

This rock is significant to Aboriginals. Kindly, they let people climb it. It was cloudy so I didn't get the best view. There is a little phone reception at the top.

This petite flower was growing out of some moss on the top of the rock.
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I took the opportunity to check the weather forecast. It is not ideal.
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Today's ride: 51 km (32 miles)
Total: 5,483 km (3,405 miles)

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