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May 27, 2022

Day 1 Katherine to Limestone Rest Area

Start: 8:30am
Ride time: 3:31hours
Average: 18km/hr
Max: 30km/hr
Distance: 65kms
Finish: 12:30pm
Temp: 34 degrees Celsius 

I had breakfast at the nice cafe and departed soon after.

Not much shoulder with these high speeds.
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Timber Creek is the next town at 280kms away.
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I saw these beautiful vibrant blossoms at a rest stop.
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The ground was covered in orange flowers.

I refilled my water bottle from my supplies and placed it on the table. I sat on the seat with my back to the table, facing my bike.

After a short break, I got on my bike and continued down the road. You guessed it, I had left my water bottle on the table.

I didn't realise it until 15 minutes later. I quickly pedalled back and retrieved it.

Phew! Just where I had left it. How silly I am.
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This added 5kms to the day's tally.

A nice tailwind arrived as the morning progressed. I was pleased. I haven't ridden this far since last year's attempt at cycling around Australia. 

For several months, I've been going to see Marcus, my exercise physiologist. I have been doing lots of leg press and squats etc. I'm sure it has helped me.

These flowers belong to a large bush. They stood out amongst the vegetation.
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The traffic was quiet. There were a few road trains. I got several waves and toots of support, including from truckies.

This always gives me a big boost. I assume they know I'm pedalling as hard as I can in the heat. And that they understand every hardship I'm enduring.

I saw a couple of wild donkeys. They ran away before I could get their picture.

Limestone Creek was dry.
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Shortly after I arrived  at the Limestone rest area.

This is a good rest area with shaded tables, toilets, and thankfully water tanks with water in them.

The earlier rest stop had water tanks that were dry.

I spoke to some nice travellers. One of them offered me a bottle of red wine which I declined.

It was nice to sit in the shade. They soon left and I had a wash by the water tanks and washed my clothes. 

Drying time is short in this heat.
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As I'm only 60kms from Katherine, I'm not expecting anyone else to stay the night here.

For this trip, I purchased a new hub charger. It's called a Sinewave. I was able to listen to music all day while riding and it kept my phone battery charged. I was very pleased.

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Today's ride: 65 km (40 miles)
Total: 73 km (45 miles)

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