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Final preparation day

My alarm went off at 8:30am. I then fell asleep until 10am. I was recovering from my epic day yesterday.

I had a yummy cafe brunch in the only decent cafe in town.

I then put my bike together.
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It took me a while. Mudguards had been bent out of shape and some of the hub wiring had come loose. I was thankful I hadn't lost any parts or sustained major damage during transport. 

Next time I will use more duct tape, cable ties, and bubble wrap.

I went to Woolies to get some methylated spirits for my trangia cooking stove. They usually stock it but there was none.

I rode 3 kms out of town to a hardware store. I couldn't see any metho on the shelves. I was worried. I asked at the checkout.

They radiod someone to bring me a bottle. It was locked away. The lady also took my name and phone number.

This is to prevent people onselling the metho to local youths who drink it. I was surprised and saddened.

I was relieved I had some metho for my stove.

The lady also queried if I was from "out of town." She could tell because I had sweat running down my face from my short bike ride. It will take a while for me to adjust to the heat of the top end. It's 34 degrees Celsius here today. In Canberra, it's 12 degrees.

Later I bought some fruit and had a relaxing afternoon.  I did drink a little rum. To buy the alcohol from the shop I had to show my ID to a police officer. The shop attendant then scanned my ID into his computer. I guess all of this is to stop the abuse of alcohol.

I downloaded a lot of music and podcasts to keep me entertained on my journey.

I listen to The Sprocket Podcast and The Pedalshift Project. Let me know if there's any other good cycling podcasts?

I had a nice dinner at the local golf club and then retired for an early night.

Today's ride: 8 km (5 miles)
Total: 8 km (5 miles)

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