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June 22, 2022


Day 8 - Sheet Harbour - based on my experience riding NS 7E yesterday, I've changed my destination.  Sheet Harbour shortens the day and offers a lot of services for an overnight.  In addition, the change will assure me breakfast in the morning; places to eat have been limited on the last couple routes.  Should be a nice day.

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Daniel SpanglerNice post card!
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11 months ago

We saw the Bluenose II underway, she was gorgeous!

NS 7E is getting better, or is now.  Not much but trees and some water, but peaceful.  The terrain still rolls, but my legs are getting use to it.  Rolling....

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Love churches - makes me feel so good....stopped at the post office to mail cards and the staff came out to say hi.  They liked my solar panels.

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I was happy with my decision to stop in Sheet Harbour.  I was told my Marie at the Jeddore Lodge there wasn't much after Sheet Harbour. 

I was fortunate to meet a resident here - Ray - retired hospital worker and tire factory guy, who is letting me camp in his lawn.  Met Ray outside the library, he over heard me asking the staff for a place to pitch my tent.  He lives 100 yards from the library.  

Well, after eating at a local pub, I returned to the house and spent the next several hours meeting his wife Barb and two of the friends who stopped in.   It was so fun.  They meet in Ray's garage every night to chat.  Ray gave everyone a drink and we chatted about everything including my tour.  I enjoyed the so much, they told me they felt the same.   

Thank you all for a great memorable night in the garage.  Thank you for warming us up Ray, with the wood burner and the rum and soda!!!

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Sorry Howard didn't get you face to good! 

Note:  I have to say NS 7E was excellent I had the road to myself most of the way.  It does roll though .... constantly up and down.

I've been treated to some really good scents of pine along the route.  Smells so good.

Tomorrow I'm riding to Sherwood NS.  There is a campsite there called Rivers Edge....hope it has showers.

So along...

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Daniel SpanglerI can smell the pine from here! Love the photo/ description man!
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11 months ago

Today's ride: 40 miles (64 km)
Total: 356 miles (573 km)

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