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From Dan:

Moser told the tale so well- what more to add? Not much. 

The Rum Runner trail was 5 stars. It was flat. It was soft. And it was shady. We left the trail a few times and route 3 went up and down- a stark contrast to the flat Rum Runner Trail. I learned of the trail by chatting with the airport information folks when I landed on Friday. Just goes to show- never hesitate to ask the locals, they know all the best spots and rarely miss. 

Here’s another thing that I’ll take with me from today’s ride: there is beauty in watching someone do what their passionate about. What they love. 

But Dan, what does that mean?

Well, it’s hard to put into words. But let me try by drawing a slightly off course parallel. 

The best way to describe observing passion is- “you know it when you see it.” This phrase originated from a 1964 the US Supreme Court case that sought to define “obscene content.” Wikipedia may say it best: 

“The phrase ‘I know it when I see it’ is a colloquial expression by which a speaker attempts to categorize an observable fact or event, although the category is subjective or lacks clearly defined parameters.”

Today I observed passion, love, and a deep flow state of someone doing what they were put on the planet to do- tour. We all have things we love doing. Things that put us into a flow state- dancing, playing music, running, designing, biking, touring, working, presenting, selling. Activities performed by a vessel wherein the person fades into something much greater than themselves channeling other worldly mystic. 

That’s what I’ll remember today. Passion. Love. And my dad doing what he was out here to do- ride his bike on tour and take photos. 

What a Father’s Day weekend. 

Cheers, Dan

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Tamora StumLove what you wrote Dan. Happy Father's Day to "Long Haul Trucker Dad" and all the Dad's reading this. My Dad, your Dad and Charlie are up there looking down on your big adventure. Grandma is smiling!
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2 weeks ago
brandon spanglerwhat a great gift and a great experience thank you both for sharing and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to Flow State Moser!
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2 weeks ago
Keith A. SpanglerThank you for the Fathers Day wish. Everyone else reminded me, it wasn’t on the map!
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2 weeks ago