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November 29, 2018

Day 20: La-Ngu - Khuan Don

Khuan Don? Well I thought I had never heard about the place but when the afternoon downpours forced me to stop and look for accommodation I found the Satun Premium Resort, whereI had planned to stay when coming down this way in April this year. On one hand an exceptional coincidence on the other almost a logical one as there is not much else around when headed for Malaysia via the Wang  Prachan border crossing. I actually left my good hotel in La-Ngu early enough to easily make into Malaysia - or more precisely Kangar - today, but once again the weather had other ideas. Retrospectively I would almost say the best thing that could have happened to me. Thailand has once again been very good to me and despite La-Ngu and the Dhala Resort being an enjoyable stopover it hasn´t been the class-finish you are hoping for when spending a last night in a country you really admire. The Satun Premium Resort on the contrary meets that desire. I am sitting here typing this in "my" fantastic bedroom overlooking the adjacent paddy fields and the karst hills on the horizon being more than happy with my decision to have extended my stay to two nights.

The ride itself was not much different to yesterday. Anything but spectacular but later on improving once I got onto the more quiet sideroads #3012 and 4013. 

Even a palmoil plantation can have a touch of wilderness when they let nature take over
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Pomelo (som o) plantation
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Exciting scenery, isn´t it? Even that cow on the left seemed to enjoy looking at something else for a change
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Who said cemeteries have to be dull places?
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Things certainly improved along the #4013
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But the real highlight of the day is my accommodation at the Satun Premium Resort. I couldn´t believe it when the young muslim owners showed me that full wooden house and asked for 700 Baht per night. Approx. 120 sqm, all wooden polished floors and...
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.....a playground in the backyard
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My bedroom
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La-Ngu - Khuan Don
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Today's ride: 44 km (27 miles)
Total: 1,551 km (963 miles)

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