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July 12, 2018

Riverside rest day

My rest day wasn't what I wanted it to be. We had a huge room/apartment with a full kitchen and a nice TV. But we were at the end of the building and the wi-fi didn't reach us. I had to go to the main building for internet. It was a big downer on my vegging out day.

We had breakfast at 8 AM. Blueberry pancakes and ham with strawberries and bananas. I had two pancakes, my first wheat this trip . . . . the guilt was bigger than the pancakes were good.

Jacinto and Ken walked to town at lunchtime for an activity. They had sandwiches from the grocery. I ate oatmeal. By dinner time I was starving. We all walked or rode to the Bear Trap to eat. Wayne and I ate the all you can eat riblettes for $18. I got full.

At the campground across the street we saw a group of 6-8 TransAm cyclists. By the time we got done eating dinner, they were all tucked in for the evening. I bet they leave very early in the morning. Jacinto had talked to them earlier in the day. They were also heading south. I presume their destination is also Walden, 50 miles away. The next down from here is quite a ways.

There was a little bowl of pebbles next to this board.
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The view from the deck of the lodge.
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