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New riders, new direction, new journal.

I started out posting this on as a continuation of our early summer journal. It didn't feel quite right as we missed three weeks in the middle. It was easier to continue the other journal, but it felt right to start a new one.

This trip we have three different men with us for different points along the way. We've finally managed to mesh schedules with Wayne Estes. Wayne started out ahead of us and we met him in Rangely. Two good touring buddies whom we are happy to see again are Tom Swanson and Ken Paulsen. The started together in Kremmling and met us in Craig.

As a quick fill in for those who weren't following along - I had some shimmy/vibration issues while riding down Chucharas Pass in Colorado that scared the pudding out of me. We rented a uhaul and headed home with the intention of my swapping bikes. I decided not to do that, but I did have hydraulic disc brakes installed for better stopping power and more rider comfort.

The photo below is a link to that journal, if you've like the full flavor of how our summer has gone.

I have confused a number of regular readers by publishing and unpublishing my journal. The reason for this is the continued issues with my bicycle. I love how this bike goes down the road when it behaves and stubbornly refuse to take my dependable former touring bike. I want to be truthful in my experiences while touring. This includes telling the negatives. I am not trying to defame or 'diss' on my bicycle's manufacturer. I'm only telling my experiences. I've decided to go ahead and republish the journal - leaving in the bicycle handling problems and the resulting mental confusion. I want to share my trip, warts and all.

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