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July 20, 2018

Eagle - Rifle, CO

I was downstairs early, eating breakfast with the construction workers. Wayne was just coming to breakfast as I was wheeling my bike outside to start.

Experience told me it was best to get on the road early as the west wind just gets more fierce as the day continues. When we were in Eagle last summer with the guys, we lingered over breakfast and the wind was already blowing when we left the motel. I didn't make that mistake this time! The sun was hardly up as I rode off. I was a bit chilled. I enjoyed the sunshine every time I rode through a patch. Soon enough I would be very warm.

I've done this ride a number of times. I took the straight route and stopped as little as possible. My goal today was beating the wind. I saw a few local cyclists out and about. I was happy that I remembered how the bike path stopped and started. I did not take the bonus route around the back of CostCo. I got onto Highway 6 for that piece. I rode past the Kum and Go that Jerry Harp and I stopped at a few years ago. We bought Snickers bars. . . . .

Soon I was to the Glenwood Canyon bike path. That is a popular ride with tourists. Local bike shops rent bikes out and drop people off at the top of the path to coast back to town. I was early enough today to beat the crowds. Thank goodness. I made a point to look around. Sometimes being local means I forget to appreciate the beauty right in front of me.

I'm typing this far after the fact. I'm sad to say the details of the day are gone. I can't even remember if I stopped for food in Glenwood, or just thought about stopping for food. Who would think I would forget food details? I will definitely bring the computer along next tour. I've had a few people comment about the lack of ending on this trip. I didn't take the computer for the last four days. I also didn't take written notes. Then we left straight away for Mexico. By the time we got back, details were fuzzy . . . .if there's anything I'm good about, it's details!

I do remember being happy I beat the wind home. I took the straight path down Highway 6. Wayne took Silt Mesa, which is through farm country and has some climbing. Jacinto went all the way around Rifle Gap. We went to dinner one last time with Wayne that evening. Hopefully we ride together again soon. I enjoyed his company this year.

It didn't turn out to be the summer I expected, with the bike shimmy issues and my anxiety over bike handling. I'm hoping to get all of that resolved by 2019 as we have several trips planned.

Thank you for following along and I hope to have a better journal next tour.

I often forget to appreciate what is right at my back door. Riding the Glenwood Canyon bike path reminds me every time of my trip through here with Jerry Harp.
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Today's ride: 60 miles (97 km)
Total: 607 miles (977 km)

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