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July 9, 2018

Maybell - Craig, CO

There is something to be said for a short, easy day. I didn't set an alarm. We lounged around over breakfast. Finally the threat of heat forced me out the door. Wayne and I were ready to leave at the same time. We took the opportunity for a few photos before leaving.

Wayne and I rode together perhaps a half mile. In that space, he stopped twice for photos. Wayne was wondering how I arrived to town three hours before him yesterday. I think I've discovered the answer. I kept pedaling and didn't see him again until lunch.

From last year, I remembered this as a mostly flat, fast day. That proved to be true again. I kept reminding myself to look around for antelope. It was one of those days where it's easy to stare in the distance and turn the pedals. It was a nice, chill ride.

We are on busy Highway 40 again today. Busy. Where did I get that idea? It wasn't busy yesterday or today either. With this wide shoulder, it seems as if there should be more traffic. I waved at most vehicles. Few waved back. That seems strange out here in the middle of nowhere. My opinion (which could be totally wrong), is that the more deserted the road, the more applicable the unspoken rule that you would wave. Soldiers together in solitude or something like that.

There were a number of large belly dump tanker semis both yesterday and today. I asked at the motel what they were hauling and where they were going. The lady didn't know . . .

the terrain in this area continued to be rolling hills with sagebrush and the occasional juniper tree. I saw antelope in two different places and a deer right next to the road eating the leaves off of a tree. It didn't pay much attention to me passing by. It seems the novelty of an actual tree with leaves trumped the bicycle tourist.

A major topic of conversation this morning was food. Last night's sorry dinner made food extra interesting today. Craig has choices abound. There's a Chinese buffet in town. That sounds good. Jilberto's fast Mexican food sounds good. Maybe I could get to town in time to eat at both places before dinner?

We discussed what time we would have to eat lunch in order to be hungry for dinner. It was laborious, but 12:30 was the decision. Except I didn't hear a final choice.

I pulled in to the first convenience store for a V-8. While I was there I checked with Jacinto. He was ten miles outside of town and hadn't seen Wayne yet. I told Jacinto I wasn't really hungry yet, so I would not go to Jilberto's and I would wait for Chinese. I made my way to the motel and checked in. I wasn't in any hurry. I had no place to be. I thought. Then Wayne sent a text, he had gone straight to the Chinese food in order to be there on time. Ooops. I hurried to put on my shoes and walk over. Jacinto said he was five minutes out. He had gone for a bonus ride around the outside of town.

I was wilted by the time I made the half mile walk to the Chinese food. The buffet was quite busy. We each had several plates. There was even a serve yourself soft service ice cream.

The friendly lady at our motel had said the pub two blocks down was her favorite place to eat in town. When Tom and Ken get here, that will be the suggestion. We are all at different motels tonight, by accident.

Wayne was quite happy that we were to town early enough for a nap. He is at the Elk Run, right next to the grocery store, but about a mile from us. Wayne doesn't mind bicycling after arriving to town, so he will ride to dinner.

We are at the Trav O Tel Motel for $57. total. It's a good value for the money. The air was going strong when we got in. With 93 degrees outside, air is important.

It was an easy ride today under blue skies.

We met at our usual 6 PM for dinner at the O P Bar and Grill just a couple of blocks from our motel. Tom and Ken were in town. It was great to finally see them again. A friend of mine who lives in Craig, Randy, also met us for dinner. There were three new faces to talk to and not enough time.

Randy gave Jacinto a ride to the grocery store. I had a special request for strawberries. Jacinto bought a two pound box! Amazingly, we managed to finish almost all of them that evening. I had the rest for breakfast.

Tomorrow is another easy, relaxed day. No need to medicate again tonight. Except for the first day, I haven't had any real issues with the bike. Wayne gave me an excellent pointer in Maybell - he said to be sure and press my shoulders back into the seatback. I've done that now on a number of downhills and it seems much more productive to tell myself, "Push back, push back" than it is to try and think about relaxing. Wayne also looked over my rack/bags, and the bike in general. He does all of his own bicycle repair. I was interested in his opinion of the bike. He thought it looked solid. We discussed the fact that the Arkel Dry Lite Panniers don't have a frame or stiffener. They only attach at the bottom. Possibly they could flop around with the wind on the downhill? It's a consideration. I could also put on a super heavy duty rack . . . those are good ideas. Certainly I'm going to try the different panniers. I have another set to try.

Today's ride: 31 miles (50 km)
Total: 207 miles (333 km)

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