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July 10, 2018

Craig - Baggs, WY

It was quite a strange morning this morning. We were at three different motels. Although we seldom ride together, it is nice to chat as we all get ready in the morning. We might ride a few miles together from the start before spreading out.

I asked the guys to send me a message as they took off - just so I'd know where they were. Tom and Ken were gone by 7 AM. Wayne and I left town about the same time. I met him right out of town and we rode together for a few miles. It was really nice to chat as we rode along. This section of Highway 13 had a very wide shoulder and we were able to ride side by side.

Early we had a fair amount of traffic, mostly big trucks. Then things seemed to lighten up with sporadic clumps of vehicles. We thought that Highway 13 would be quite busy with north/south truck traffic. There was a nice shoulder for all but about ten miles. That distance wasn't pleasant at all. I had my first unfriendly honk of the trip on that stretch. It was from a Honda Element that was in a line of traffic. I wasn't the reason for them being slow. I made sure to give a giant five finger wave in return.

Looking at the profile today, it seemed to be a gradual uphill. It felt was flat to gradual downhill. It was a nice cruising kind of day. That's just what we need because tomorrow will be our biggest climb of the trip. 5,000 feet of climbing over Battle Pass at 9,955 feet. I've wanted to ride this road for years and years.

Again we are in wide open country. Very few homes. Very few trees. Luckily, no wind. Wyoming is famous for wind. I was hoping to see antelope today. There weren't any live ones.

There was one big climb right before town. I thought it was 600-800 of climbing. Nope. 200 feet, with the state line half way up the hill. Then a quick zip to town.

I knew Baggs was a small town. I hadn't bothered to look up the location for our lodging, the Bobcat Inn, as I thought it would be obvious. I got more than a mile of extra riding, trying to find it! I ended up having to call and ask. It's one block off of the main drag on Miles Street. Helen met me and the door and gave me a tour of the place so I could pick out a room. Oh. I knew it was an old building (that's usually a charming plus). This was a warren of rooms. The bathroom was to the far left, three rooms were to the far right. The rooms were extremely small with twin beds. No fans or AC. Old TV's. There was one room on the far opposite side of the building that had a queen bed (with a huge, visible dip in the center). That room did have a ceiling fan, but no TV. We could watch TV in the living room - which had old broken down furniture covered by blankets covered with dog hair. Astro, the house golden retriever, was a very nice dog . . . but Jacinto doesn't like dogs. At all. What to do? I don't know. Helen said that all of the rooms are the same price. I ask if I can pay now and decide later. Why did I do that? I was so hesitant, I didn't unload anything or shower. I decided to go back to the Cowboy Inn to eat, hopefully with Ken and Tom. They had a room at the Cowboy Inn because they couldn't get through to Helen to make a reservation.

Their room was large - I was so envious. Even for an extra $30. and no breakfast, I was envious. Over lunch I kept trying to think of what to do. I had asked Helen if she had a desk fan for the small rooms, but she said there was a swamp cooler in the hall and the rooms were nice (but what about with the door closed?). I finally hit on the idea to blame Jacinto. Isn't it nice to have a scape goat? I called Helen and told her that Jacinto was very hot bicycling out on the road and wanted AC so he would sleep well at night, could I cancel our room. She said yes. I felt quite guilty, but not guilty enough to stay there. $87. later and we have a huge room of our own at the Cowboy Inn. It has a few small faults, the bathroom door doesn't quite close and the AC is a unit that sits in the room and vents out the window. It actually works quite well. We have a sofa and coffee table. A big TV. Jacinto is hoping to watch the Rockies baseball game tonight. The wi-fi is reasonable. It was worth the extra money to not stay in a prison cell size room with no air circulating. I do feel bad for canceling. Helen was a very nice woman . . . . but I'd really like a good night's sleep before the big climb tomorrow.

Remember in Maybell when I had a can of Stagg's Chili for dinner? Jacinto went back to the store and I asked him to bring me a treat. He brought me another can of chili! He said that's what I get for not making a specific request. Stagg's Chili is not high on my list of food. Certainly I'm not interested in two cans in one day. Jacinto is nothing if not thrifty. He has been carrying that can of chili ever since. He pulled it out here in Baggs and I was hungry enough to eat it. Now Jacinto will fly up the pass tomorrow, 16 oz lighter without that can!

This photo defines the touring Wayne Estes - bicycle and camera.
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Is this a Land locked Loche Ness Monster? Perhaps the sun has addled my brain.
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An abandoned home next to an oasis - water is a rarity in this area.
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Looking back down our only Big climb today. It was right at the Colorado/Wyoming border.
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The ROX is trying a new state.
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An old sod house in Baggs
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Jacinto's photo of a lake that I don't remember seeing. He says it was definitely a lake and not the Little Snake River.
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Today's ride: 43 miles (69 km)
Total: 250 miles (402 km)

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