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September 13, 2011

Into the wind tunnel

Height climbed 931 metres

With a full moon and a clear sky last night it was almost like daylight in the night.

I was on the road at 0755, straight onto Horseshoe Pass. It might be only 1367 feet, but it made it's presence noticed! However, it was a beautiful morning, and I couldn't help laughing to myself with pleasure whilst climbing.

Wales, where men are men...
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...and sheep are nervous.
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I arrived at the Ponderosa Cafe at the summit before they opened, but they took pity on me being blown about up there and let me in early whilst setting up. Needless to say, I devoured my 2nd breakfast.

A few more quiet roads before joining the main A5 to Betws-y-coed, which was fortunately very light with traffic. The wind was however getting steadily worse, and I was getting cold.

I've not seen any yet, just the modern exhaust spewing, road hogging behemoths.
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I had to gargle with chain oil in an attempt to get my tongue around this name.
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I stopped at Betws-y-coed for lunch - a place I was NOT impressed with, it was full of fat dawdling coach tourists wandering where their next treat will come from, and buying up Gore Tex everything in case it's raining when they get off their coach for their next cream tea.

In the next leg, through Capel Curig to Llanberis the wind was BRUTAL. I was stopped in my tracks a few times whilst pedalling along relatively flat roads in bottom gear. It was extremely difficult to control the bike, and these was definitely the hardest conditions that I have ever cycled in.

Furlongs? Is this a horse race?
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I finally arrived in Llanberis, having nott seen a single cyclist the whole day - what's wrong with everyone? I got the tent up in the shelter of the Mountan Farm Campsite, £6, and headed down town to Pete's Eats for a well earned feast and some reflection on the day. The wind had been brutal, and the terrain tough, but i'd found good rhythm and felt strong all day, and I was loving the challenge.

Pete's Eats, a top place to refuel.
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Today's ride: 53 miles (85 km)
Total: 240 miles (386 km)

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