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April 7, 2018

"You wouldn't happen to have a pump, would you?"

Well, I have to hand it to the weather forecasters - they predicted rain, and rain is what we got. It's the reason I booked a hotel room and did 90 miles yesterday instead of camping at Camp Comet in between Cedartown and Rockmart, GA. The Silver Comet is only open dawn 'til dusk, so I waited until 7:10 to depart so I wouldn't hit the trail until 7:18, which was the official sunrise. That way, if I was questioned by police, I could state I was abiding the law.

Yup. Forecast was right - it's raining
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As suspected, the rain made everything...wet. It was about an hour until I passed through Big Brushy Tunnel and was able to take the first picture of the trip, what with the rain and all. I was riding with the front light and rear light flashing full-time so I could be seen. Didn't matter though, as I was the only one on the trail.

Rolling through the Big Brushy Tunnel. First dry part of my ride
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I held out hope the weather forecasters would be correct, and I would find myself in the middle of this "window" of storms they kept talking about as I watched the weather from the hotel breakfast room this morning. They stated the worst of the rain came through overnight and the remaining storms are south of Atlanta, so we are between the Friday night storms and Saturday night storms, and the weather should be overcast. It was. I found myself after about 20 miles to be riding in a rain-less environment, albeit with a wet trail. Wet, wet, wet, trail. Doesn't matter as I'm soaked anyway. All I can think of is to write Showers Pass and tell them about their rain jacket isn't rainproof, as I find the inside sleeves and chest area wet. 

Anniston behind me, Atlanta in front of me. Time to go home
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Typical Silver Comet view
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I make my way to Silver Comet Cycles, and roll ups for a water stop. A gentleman in front of the rest room (yes, it was that kind of water stop) asks if I have a pump. I state I do. He tells me he would be eternally grateful if he can use it. I respond that he only has to be grateful for three minutes while he pumps his tire. We pump it together, and Andrew and his riding companion Mike are off on the trail to return to their vehicles. I still have another 40 miles or so to travel until I can call it a day. 

Oh, Atlanta 285 - you horrible, horrible drive. Happy I'm on a bike passing over today
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Serendipitous travel under the 75/285 interchange. Who would have thought such beauty exists under all that concrete?
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Overcast skies completed the day for me, arriving home around 3:00. Thankfully, this was not a complete day of rain.

Roswell riverwalk on the way home
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Today's ride: 77 miles (124 km)
Total: 213 miles (343 km)

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